Emerging Australian Edtech players announce partnership

Two Australian founded Edtech organisations have joined forces with the goal of making teachers’ lives easier in more schools around the country.


SIMON is a not-for-profit Learning School Management Software solution for primary and secondary schools, built by teachers, for teachers. Created in Ballarat, the platform is now used by 65,000 primary and secondary students across Victoria and South Australia.


EdSmart is the latest venture from Arts Hub founders Fiona Boyd and David Eedle. EdSmart is an enterprise solution that digitises and automates manual or paper-based tasks across a school network. EdSmart is used in nine countries globally, and extensively in schools around Australia.


Both platforms will now be integrated, with EdSmart’s functionality made available to the SIMON user network, further enhancing teacher experience and freeing time for school administrators to invest in parent and student relationships, engagement, innovation and more.


“Engaging in partnership with EdSmart builds on SIMON’s powerful, structured workflows,” said Kevin Brodie, Managing Director of SIMON.


“It also ensures the rich benefits that EdSmart are known for are made accessible for the entire SIMON Community.”


“Our partnership with SIMON is a natural fit”, said EdSmart CEO Fiona Boyd.


“Both SIMON and EdSmart are customer-centric organisations that put user needs above all. We share a philosophy of liberating educators to get back to what matters most.


“There is growing collaboration in the Edtech space across vendors and specialities. This produces the type of thriving ecosystem needed to benefit everyone – especially hardworking school professionals burdened by administrative paperwork.”


About EdSmart

Founded in 2014 as Parent Paperwork, EdSmart is an award-winning Australian start-up redefining school administration. EdSmart's enterprise School Organisation System (SOS) automates data capture, simplifies communication and modernises processes for educators, parents and students. Across 1 million users and 9 countries, EdSmart is empowering schools and their communities globally.



SIMON has provided software to primary and secondary schools since 2000. SIMON is an initiative founded by the Ballarat Catholic Diocesan Schools and is a unique not-for-profit organisation.  SIMON empowers schools to cohesively make sense of their own unique landscape of administrative and academic processes – using SIMON as a vehicle towards simple functionality and rewarding workflows to produce valuable content that wholly supports both teacher, student and the wider community.







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About EdSmart

EdSmart is the organisation behind smart schools. Our School Organisation System is an enterprise platform that automates data capture, simplifies communication and modernises processes so educators and stakeholders can ditch the admin and get back to what matters most.

Trusted by 1 million users across 9 countries, EdSmart is transforming and liberating school communities.