Parent Paperwork rebrands to EdSmart

After four years of significant growth in transforming the organisational processes of schools worldwide, ParentPaperwork (part of the Cloud Paper Group) has rebranded to EdSmart.

The change was made to reflect the full capability and scope of the company’s School Organisation System (SOS).

“It made sense to have a new way to describe our offering, and reflect its development from a simple forms product into an expansive administration solution between schools and their many stakeholders,” said Fiona Boyd, CEO, EdSmart.

“EdSmart uses digitisation and automation to helps schools run smarter."

ParentPaperwork emerged on the international edtech scene in 2014 with a mission to turn schools across the globe into paperless environments.

Founders Fiona Boyd and David Eedle recognised the opportunity after becoming exasperated at the high volumes of physical paperwork they were asked to complete on behalf of their three school aged children.

As ParentPaperwork, EdSmart expanded into eight countries and over 400 schools.

"Student improvement has been definitively linked to teacher-student contact time and parent engagement," said Fiona Boyd.

"Education is working hard with tighter budgets, which makes delivering student improvement targets exponentially difficult.

“The long-term solution is to embrace technology and automation that genuinely supports valuable teaching and reduces non-teaching staff time, rather than compounding administrative burden. EdSmart is the solution that meets that need."

The Cloud Paper Group and EdSmart are positioned for further expansion under their new brand.

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About EdSmart

EdSmart is the organisation behind smart schools. Our School Organisation System is an enterprise platform that automates data capture, simplifies communication and modernises processes so educators and stakeholders can ditch the admin and get back to what matters most.

Trusted by 1 million users across 9 countries, EdSmart is transforming and liberating school communities.